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Dermal Fillers Pros & Cons

From the UK to the US and everywhere in between, dermal fillers are a popular beauty treatment that’s here to stay – and it’s one our clients love here at Cosmedicare, your Cardiff skin clinic. Whether you’d like something subtle and natural, or want a dramatic boost, dermal fillers are a quick, easy way to transform yourself.


One thing our clients often ask about is dermal filler pros and cons. With the onus on professional care at our skin clinic, and knowing the importance of being fully informed about any treatment you have with us here in Cardiff, we thought we’d write a special post on just this subject.


Pro: immediate results, little downtime


While you may have some slight swelling after dermal fillers, you’re also likely to see instant results. Best of all, any swelling that does occur usually passes quickly – potentially within 2-3 days. We will always advise you on this during your consultation, as everyone’s different – but many of our patients go straight back to their everyday routine following cheek filler treatment.

Pro: an alternative to plastic surgery

Lots of us want to change aspects of our appearance from time to time, but it’s understandable that our clients can be wary about permanent plastic surgery, especially as results can’t always be predictable – or reversible. With dermal fillers, you have lasting results without the permanency, meaning you can tweak the amount you have injected in future sessions to really refine your appearance.


Con: you’ll need future sessions


As with any non-permanent aesthetic treatment, with cheek fillers, you’ll need future appointments to maintain your look. However, at Cosmedicare, we don’t really view this as a ‘con’ or negative, because there are lots of aspects of your appearance that need upkeep – so just as you might need to exercise regularly to maintain your desired body shape, and you might need a daily skincare routine to keep your skin happy and healthy, you’ll also need dermal fillers injecting again once they start to wear off.

Con: treatment costs can add up

Investing in your appearance can seem expensive – but treatments such as dermal fillers and cheek fillers can actually be cheaper than other aspects of self-care, such as a gym membership or diet plan, in the long-run. In our opinion, spending time and money on your appearance is worth the cost – not least because it’s known to have transformative powers on your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

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If you’re interested in dermal fillers or any other aesthetic treatment, it pays to go professional. At our skin clinic in Cardiff, you’re in capable hands with our Medical Doctor, Dr Eithne Deignan. Our mission is to give you results you’ll love, every time – and we’ll work with you to get you there. To enquire, visit our contact page today.

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Cosmedicare cannot guarantee specific results.

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