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Dermal Fillers

Restore volume and definition with dermal fillers

As your skin ages, you lose collagen that is vital to keeping it firm, bouncy, and youthful. Losing facial volume results in loss of facial definition and contour that prematurely ages the skin. Using dermal fillers, Dr Eithne in Cardiff can successfully refresh areas of the face to provide a more youthful-looking you. Whether enhancing the cheeks, plumping the lips, and lessening the appearance of facial lines and jowls, dermal fillers provide natural-looking results for effective facial refreshment.

Benefits of dermal fillers with Cosmedicare Skin Clinic

  • All treatments are performed by a trained medical professional
  • Add structure and definition using dermal fillers to the lips, cheeks, and lower face
  • Safely and subtly rejuvenate sagging, ageing, and thinning skin with dermal fillers


Book a consultation today if you are interested in, or considering dermal fillers in Cardiff. Call us on: 029 2061 8995 or book through our simple online contact form!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which areas of the face do dermal fillers treat? Dermal fillers in Cardiff add volume, structure, and contour back to areas of thinning skin or skin that might be sagging. Dermal fillers are very effective at enhancing the cheekbones, plumping the cheeks, balancing and enhancing the lips, restructuring the cupid’s bow, and lessening the appearance of nose-to-mouth lines and jowls. Dermal fillers are a very versatile treatment, and very popular in Cardiff. What are dermal fillers made of? Dermal fillers are a gel-like substance that is injected into your skin. They’re made of a substance that closely resembles hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring bodily sugar essential to skin laxity and structure. This makes them very safe to use for aesthetic treatments. How long will my results last? You will notice a difference immediately after treatment, but you should see your optimum results 2-3 days after treatment after some minor swelling recedes. Because every client is different your results duration may vary, but you could typically expect your dermal filler results to last between 6-12 months. After this time, you will need another appointment to top-up should you wish to maintain them. Are dermal fillers safe? Because dermal fillers mimic a natural bodily sugar, they’re incredibly safe for use. They’re compatible with your skin and body, and also biodegradable. Your body naturally dissolves your filler over time at no complaint from your skin or system, gradually breaking it down and recycling it. This makes dermal fillers incredibly safe for use within aesthetic treatments, especially when performed by medically trained hands, such as our clinic in Cardiff.


  • I have been going to Dr Deignan for many years which speaks for its self. I have always been very pleased with her work. Her honesty and her friendly manner always puts you at ease. I would highly recommend her.


  • I have had a few treatments with Dr Deignan and have found her very reassuring and friendly whilst also being very professional and have always been extremely happy with the result, always very natural looking and never overdone as in some other treatments I have seen elsewhere! If your thinking about it, don’t hesitate as you will be treated by the best!


  • I have been visiting Dr Deignan for several types of facial aesthetics treatments for the past 11 years and have always been extremely pleased with the results. Dr Deignan is very professional and understanding in her approach and always makes me feel at ease. All procedures are discussed thoroughly before being undertaken and I always feel in safe hands.


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