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Improve skin quality with Profhilo

Profhilo is an injectable treatment that improves skin tone, quality, laxity, texture, and clarity. When injected into the skin, it spreads outwards from the treatment area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin within deeper levels of the skin. Profhilo is suitable for all age groups and skin types, but it works exceptionally well in improving ageing or tired skin on the face and neck. Profhilo isn’t a typical dermal filler because it doesn’t ‘fill’, instead in enhances and betters tired skin through natural processes, making it a very popular treatment in Cardiff for those who are seeking subtle and buildable results.

Benefits of Profhilo with Cosmedicare Skin Clinic

  • All treatments are performed by a trained medical professional
  • Boost your collagen production for naturally healthier, bouncier skin
  • Results develop over time for subtle yet refreshing improvement


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profhilo? Profhilo may sound like a dermal filler, but in fact it is in fact a bioremodelling treatment – like an injectable moisturiser. ‘Bioremodelling’ means that this treatment acts within the skin to improve it from the inside-out, prompting your skin’s processes into action rather than it ‘filling’. Who is suitable for this treatment? One of the benefits of Profhilo is that it is made of a naturally occurring skin substance, hyaluronic acid, so it is suitable for all ages and all skin types. It is compatible with skin and works to remodel it from deeper layers. However, those who are experiencing the signs of ageing in their skin would benefit most from this treatment. This is because as we age, we lose vital skin structures that cause sagging, fine lines, and skin thinning. Those with ageing, dull, dry, or tired-looking skin might benefit from Profhilo. How does Profhilo work? Profhilo is made from pure stabilised hyaluronic acid (HA), the same naturally occurring substance we have in our skin that depletes over time. HA works by drawing moisture into the skin, softly plumping and bettering the skin from the inside without just ‘filling’ the tissue. This internal moisturising prompts the skin to better itself, improving laxity, tone, texture, and overall quality. How long will my results last? A course of two treatments are recommended for Profhilo in order for you to reach your optimum results. An initial improvement may be seen after 2 weeks of the first treatment, the second treatment follows 4 weeks later, with the final results showing 2 weeks after this. Following this, you could enjoy them for up to 6 months before a top-up is required.


  • Being a long-standing patient of Dr Eithne Deignan, I can thoroughly recommend her professionalism, her understanding of patient needs and her expertise in a broad range of treatments.


  • Hi would like to say firstly how professional Dr Deignan is , she is aware of what is necessary and best for me to look fresh and natural looking Dr Deignan as a very keen eye on the finer points and is able to naturally bring out and enhance what is already there and trust her judgment and ability 100% , the work I’ve had which are fillers, Botox for cheeks, forehead crows feet and lips and will continue to use Dr Deignan for as long as possible.


  • I have been visiting Dr Deignan for several types of facial aesthetics treatments for the past 11 years and have always been extremely pleased with the results. Dr Deignan is very professional and understanding in her approach and always makes me feel at ease. All procedures are discussed thoroughly before being undertaken and I always feel in safe hands.


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